Intelligent approaches to teaching and learning

Kevin Donovan
Kevin Donovan


I offer 'an intelligent approach to teaching and learning' in support of staff in all parts of education and training, the learning and skills sector, and at local, regional or national levels. I don't think there is any one solution to perceived problems (particularly in teaching); what matters is finding approaches and technologies which are appropriate to context and circumstances.

I will work with individuals, groups and organisations to help them to think about their methods, to explore any difficulties, and to reach solutions.

This ranges from policy and strategy analysis, through organisational behaviour, to practical activity in a department, classroom or learning centre.

In the areas of, for example:

  • Learning resource organisation and deployment
  • Curriculum design
  • E-learning/information and learning technology
  • Blended learning
  • Student portfolios
  • Staff training in a range of areas and skills
  • Impact and evaluation

In particular this involves:

  • Designing and managing projects
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Report writing and editing
  • Team support

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My fees depend on the type of work, the number of days involved, and the commissioning organisation.